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ASG-IRC X-World Application Form
Submitted on Wednesday, August 1, 2001 at 15:18:12 ET.

<Name&Age> David Neff - 27
<Char Name>        Force - Richard (Rich) Hemmings
<Char Description> about 6' tall, 190#, brown hair, green eyes,
physically "average" - not hulking but is athletic.
<Char Powers>      limited control of the force of gravity - ability to
manipulate gravity's affects on objects and individuals (i.e. can make
an object heavier or lighter, can project a controlled "beam" of
gravity that is like a concussive blast. Uses this ability to fly, create a
force field. Can use ability to "mimic" physical strength (i.e. make an
object "lighter" to appear to pick it up, move it, or destroy it)
<Char Skills>      College degree in physics. Average athletic ability.
Has some inside-scoop on anti-mutant activity due to father (see
<Char History>     Father is noted/accomplished scientist, but also
mutant-phobic and member of the Friends of Humanity - fearful of mutants
"taking over the world" and was secretly involved in developing Sentinel
technology. Father not very involved in Rich's life because of his job
(often top secret), and mother is deceased. Rich wanted to earn his
father's favor by following in his footsteps as an academic and eventually
scientist, but was horrified when he realized that he himself was a
mutant. He kept this secret from his father and everyone else for years,
while he studied physics to get a better understanding of and control of
his mutant power. As Rich's confidence and ability increased, he also
began to covertly check into his father's work, and discovered his
involvement in the Sentinel project. In anger he revealed his mutant ability
to his father in an attempt to get his father to change, but his father
instead rejected him and threated to kill him if he ever showed his
face again. Cut off from his only family, Rich lived isolated from others
for several years until he accidently got involved with the X-Men (not
sure how this would happen), and was eventually issued an invitation to
<Char Personality> Confident of self and ability, but still learning to
use and control his power. No battle experience so some fearfulness.
Cautious, eager to have friends but uncertain of whom to trust, gets
angry easily when he feels betrayed or let down. Quiet in a group, but once
comfortable can open up, even use humor.
<Char Ties>        no
<Char Origin>      San Diego, California
<Char Age>         25
<Why This Char>
<Sim Experience> no
<Sim Sample>     (this is Force having a talk with some team leader -
let's say Cyclops - having been asked why he chose to get involved with
the X-Men:)
Force: "I think I'm finally rebelling against my father - standing up
to his bigotry and hatred. All those years of him telling me that
mutants were no-good and dangerous and a threat...never realizing that he was
talking about ME. So for years I've believed those things about myself,
too. But not anymore. I'm not going to stand by and let him or people
like him hurt us just because he doesn't understand us. Cyclops, I don't
know exactly how to do that or how I can make a contribution here. But
I'm willing to learn. Teach me, please."