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By Gage

The Pantheon of Cosmic Powers in #Alliance:

Cryz - Cosmic Entity of Judgement; controls the fate of all, but ONLY when they must be judged.
Priss - Cosmic Embodiment of Destruction
Gage - Cosmic Embodiment of Annoyance
Styx - Cosmic Embodiment of Scotch Tape(tm)
Celestia/Galaxia/Aurora - Mystical Triad of Power with many minions...

Earth Bound Powers:

Zoisite - Queen of the Mystical Land of Zoicitania and granted demi-god-like powers by Cryz.
Hazard - God-like Being worshipped by the peoples of Zoicitania. ( a la Zues, Odin in Marvel 616 Universe)
Voltage - Voltcules - Powerful demi-God and who wanders the Earth fighting evil by smashing people through tables.
Lou - Iolouis - Immortal being who follows Voltcules around.
Calihan - Some guy who bought a throne made of plastic and painted it gold and has delusions of granduer.
Banshee - Spirit of a murdered man, doomed to wander the night screaming. (Minion of Gage?)
Eclipse - XENO - Warrior something or other.