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ASG-IRC X-World Application Form
Submitted on Monday, July 30, 2001 at 20:48:31 ET.

<Name&Age> Andrew 17
<Char Name>        Adam Pfennebecker aka Lotus
<Char Description> His build is unknown due to him having no skin
showing, he appears to be about 5'9" around 139lbs. His eyes are
sliver-blue, and his hair is white, his skin since it hasn't seen much sunlight,
is a deadly white.
<Char Powers>      His produces a AIDS/Cancer like virus which is
transmitted by skin to skin contact, and rapidly kills the ill, but has the
opposite effect for the already illed, it cures them of it. This virus
is only produced when his body absorbs the UV rays of the sun.
<Char Skills>      Due to living on the streets for most of his life,
he is a moderately good hand to hand fighter. He also carries around a
gun for protection which he stole. Adam has learned to become a very
good theif, which was the only thing keeping him alive.
<Char History>     Adam has had a great life....until age 10. When his
mutant power first surfaced everyone he touched was daying in just a
few days. Then government doctors quickly found out that he was a mutant
and he was causing this, filled with so much emotion with finding out
he caused this he ran away, and covered himself hand to foot with
cloths, even wearing goggles to block the sun from his eyes. Then learning to
live off the streets, and learning how to steal he survived. Of course
he had a few fights which ended up the enemy dead in a few hours due to
his virus becoming more deadly and quicker every year he gets older. He
actually joined in the X-Men when he was trying to steal some food from
them but got caught.
<Char Personality> Adam keeps to himself, having not spoken to anyone
in so many years, he has learned to just forget about people. He is
depressed because of his power and how his life is meaning-less. He walks
away from anything, unless forced to fight. He isn't a team-player and
isn't friendly, basicly he acts like a spoiled teenager.
<Char Ties>
<Char Origin>      O'Fallon, Missouri, U.S.A.
<Char Age>         25
<Why This Char>
<Sim Experience> UCIP - Star Trek
Planet Anderith - Fantasy RPG
Tango Fleet - Star Trek
<Sim Sample>     ::Adam walks to a window in the hallway that faces the
backyard:: ((Look at them all, just playing having a good time not a
care in the world. Thinking how cool it is too have a life.)) ::he turns
and walks to his room and turns the lights off and just closes his eyes
and sleep::