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ASG-IRC X-World Application Form
Submitted on Tuesday, July 31, 2001 at 11:53:19 ET.

<Name&Age> Dorota, age - a dino, please don't make me feel worse and
don't ask
<Char Name>        Neah Miller, alias ???(I didn't decide yet)
<Char Description> Woman, age 26, mestizo (half Indian origin).
Black long straight hair, hazel eyes, pale skin. Frail, small, looks
younger than she actually is. Agile and fast, but not very athletic.
<Char Powers>      Astral area: Empathy, some abilities to step into
other people's dreams, sometimes flash visions of the past or future when
she dreams or she's in trance; telepathy on very low level (link with
the people closest to her emotionally and only when she is not far from
them and concentrated) and strong mental shields; seing auras and thus
recognizing people's intentions, illnesses etc.; summoning a few
spirits of the dead ones who are her "spiritual allies" wish to help her
(i.e. her grandfather, Indian tribe shaman; Mariko Yashida, Japanese
warrior and Wolverine's late fiancee) - while possesed by them, she can
temporarily use their knowledge or skills (but no superhuman powers, only
things which can be learned or trained). She can be hurt or killed, has
no super strengh, cannot fly and phase through walls.
<Char Skills>      High IQ, learning skills, several languages, good
knowledge in history, art, psychology etc.; she can operate machines
(she's a good pilot, but she cannot repair anything herself).
She knows many old magical traditions but she is not a sorceress
herself; slighty wiccan, if any. She uses runes, Tarot, I Ching etc., can
meditate and fall into trance when she wants and sometimes when she
She also knows some drugs and can prepare "truth powder": a drug which
force people to confront their own conscience and feel pain they had
caused to others. She uses it, although sometimes it drives people to
suicide, if there is any good in them at all. She consider herself a kind
of justice angel, she administer the powder to villains and then their
own souls decide.
She also has learned some ninja techniques and sometimes uses them
(silent spying, throwing small blades, dissapering in shadows; no more).
She is financialy independend thanks to the inheritance from Mr. Miller
(see below), but she spends most of the money for her Foundation (again
see below). She may work only in her Foundation, or additionally for a
museum or an university - officially ;)
<Char History>     Born in an Indian tribe as a granddougter of a
shaman, an illegimate and only child of his doughter and american agent who
briefly visited their village during some secret mission and left
without a word. When she was 12 the village went completely ruined, the old
shaman died and remaining people abandon old traditions and moved to
bigger cities. Her mother took her to New York to look for her father and
to assure better education for the kid. Meeting with father wasn't a
succesful one and mother decided never to see him again, he even doesn't
know about the girl. Mother started to work as a chambermaid in a house
of reach industrialist Ferguson and his wife, who was interested in New
Age, occultism and so on, althuogh she has any powers and was a little
bit silly about all that. One important thing she could see was the
spiritual potential in the little girl, she wanted her to be her "private
medium" to show on her tea-parties, so she employed her mother, and
when mother went seriously ill, she employed her as a maid. Girl was
treated well by the lady, but badly by her husband, who didn't want to let
her to educate and was a brute. When she was 14 her employer met a
misteriuos silverhaired gentleman Mr Erik Miller, a millionaire who owned
some laboratories, factories and mines and wanted to sign some contract
for delivery of fuel or other stuff like that. Mr Miller prefered to
meet with his contractor outside his crowded office so he went to his
home. There he met a teenage maid Neah and saw how badly Mr Ferguson traets
her (almost as if she was a black slave and he was her owner). Mr
Miller was upset, because he noticed how intelligent and proud the girl is
and how dangerous Mr Ferguson mey be. One day Ferguson had a nasty
accident at one of his factories and died crashed by a tin roof. Then his
wife Mrs Ferguson adopted Neah (her mother died meanwhile) and instructed
by Mr Miller gave her proper education. When Neah was 18 Mr Miller
asked her to be his perosnal assistant/secretary and took her to Europe.
They travelled much, but she still learned. He was her mentor and friend.
She knew he is a mutant and somehow is involved in helping mutant
groups regarded as terrorists, but she knew him so well that she trusted him
and felt he is not an evil person. She got to know him well, his
horrible past experiences, his mind and values, and his dreams (he even let
her to step into his memories and dreams, so she got know him better
than anyone). He dissapeared often for long periods, but she never asked
where and why. She know "Miller" is a false name.
Then secret agents or SHIELD or sb like that started to suspect Mr
Miller. Neah was completely grown up by that time. One day Mr Miller set
out on a journey in helicopter and the machine exploded and fell into
Atlantic. All was reported dead, although there was no possibility to find
any bodies. Neah was very unhappy, of course, but she decided to live
like he had tought her. In his Last Will he bequethed a great deal of
money for Neah, so was now independent and could continue her studies.
She founded and run a Aid Foundation for Refugees Victims of
Discrimination (better name can be invented) and statrted to help people. Initially
she worked only peacefully, sent food and helped refugees with law
problems, helped children to educate and so on. A few months later she
accidentally helped Punisher and Wolverine as a witness when they were
after some gang, but was captured. The gangsters tortured her to geet
informations, but she said them nothing, so they decided to kill her and
administered her enough drugs to kill her feigning she overdosed herself.
Wolverine found her just in time and took her to X-Mansions, because
gansters would look for her in all hospitals and kill her. She survived,
but was seriously ill and while still unconscious had her first deep
trance. She spiritually and mentally went through various parts of "the
other world" and met her spiritual ally (grandfather) for the first
time. She became a shamaness.
Meanwhile Logan and Xavier spread false information about her death to
protect her from her persecutors, who turned out to be mighty HYDRA.
When she recovered, she felt she couldn't live like before. She let her
Foundation under Xavier's (or sb other) charge and dissapeared. She
decided to travel to Europe and Far East, trying to find some peace of mind
and understand her new role. There she studied in some ashrams and
other places, meditated and learned more about old European, Indian and
Eastern traditions and astral sphere.
She decided that peaceful way she worked in her Foundation and which
was postulated by Xavier doesn't work succesfully enough. When HYDRA has
suffered some big losses and aher direct persuaders were dead, she came
back, assumed new name Neah Miller and run her Foundation again, but it
was not all her activities. Secretly she is a masked avenger in Europe
and USA. Sometimes she tries to cooperate with other heros, sometime
works solo, chasing HYDRA, neonazists and various gangsters and villains.
She has never meet Magneto in his costume and she still doesn't know
that Mr Miller ang Magneto is the same person. (I think it opens
interesting possibilities for reunion.)
<Char Personality> She is calm, quaiet, well-educated and
well-mannered, and she hates brutality. She dresses modestly, but smart. Sometimes
she has to fight with her own mind, when she feels overloaded by other
people's emotions or some demons who would like to possess her etc., but
she somehow copes.
<Char Ties>        1. Mr Miller is one of various false identities of
Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (I think everybody knows the name?). He decided to
vanish and leave her to live her own life, but reunion is still
possible and I wish it will happen.
2. Her rescuer and friend is Wolverine. Their relationship may be more
or less close.
3. Charles Xavier helped her to fake her death and still sometimes
helps her in her work in the Foundation for Victims. She talked to him
about her "late mentor" (but she never spilled out any of his secrets!) and
he probably guesses he was actually his old friend Erik, but never
revealed his presumption.
4. She cooperates with some mercenaries, avengers and fighters, mutants
and humans, among them may be: Wolverine, Elektra, Punisher, Daredevil,
Silver Sable, Sabra etc. That list is open.
5. Her father. I have a candidate of Marvel X-Universe, so it can open
new options for interesting story.
<Char Origin>      Born somewhere in Canada in an Indian tribe village,
now dispersed and practically non-existing.
<Char Age>         26 or so. Ma be more, may be less, it can be
changed, but she cannot be younger than 24 or older than 30+.
<Why This Char>
<Sim Experience> No, I'm just looking for places like this. I
registered to other RPG but hasn't start yet. I think it could be interesting to
play the same or similar character in various universes and plots. All
depends on other people, especiacially these involved in my story
(Magneto, Xavier, Logan etc.)
<Sim Sample>     I sincerely don't know what to write here. It is my
first RPG and I simply don't know.
I am not native English-speaker, so   sometimes I cannot undestand
something precisely and I make some errors.
I think I have given exact and detailed description of the character.
It is a backgroung for character I am going to write some fanfiction
I would like to observe yor game for a while to learn how you folks
write here, because I have to adjust.