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Session Start: Sat May 19 18:09:24 2001
[18:09] *** Now talking in #NewKansas
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[18:19] *** Alita changes topic to 'Welcome to the planning stage of managed insanity'
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[18:24] <Alita> ::hands Zack the mic::
[18:24] <Kinetia|WebRPG> <<'s this for??>>
[18:26] <Volt`> come I'm doing all the public speaking? heh heh. Okay okay..uhm..basically, this'd be like..a Round Robin of a story, in which all the realities such as the MU, varied Anime Universes, Trek, etc. get merged, due to a screwed-up Genom experiment on the M'Kraan Crystal.
[18:26] <Kinetia|WebRPG> cool! ^_^
[18:28] <Mike> :::Raises hand:::
[18:28] <Volt`> And including the real world..Forgot to mention that. Mike?
[18:28] *** Dawn ( has joined #NewKansas
[18:28] *** Alita sets mode: +o Dawn
[18:28] <Mike> So, in essense, we're mixing hundreds of dangerous weapons in one dimension?
[18:29] <Alita> now for the kicker... the characters would be fic versions of ourselves and how they deal with suddenly finding they have "merged" with fictional characters, only as far as abilities and skills are concerned
[18:29] <Dawn> i didn't get anything after the first long speech..
[18:29] <Mike> :::Nods::: So, we play the parts of characters from different dimensions?
[18:30] <Mako[ff8]> Iiiinteresting ::taps finger in thought, and smirks:: ^^
[18:30] <Volt`> To answer your earlier question, basically, yes. Although, the government will move to take control and try and make order of the situation..including rounding up people all over the world who've devolped abilities from the merging. The phrase has been coined "Multiversal Compaction".
[18:31] <Mike> :::Raises eyebrow::: Is it too late to have your heads examined?
[18:31] <Mako[ff8]> So our fic selves would or would not be conscious of these other fictional characters, like anime shows and stuff?
[18:31] <Celestia> so.. basically, like, we'd inhereit the abilities of the character, or actually become the character
[18:32] <Dawn> so, no memories of who we once 'were', so to speak?
[18:32] <Alita> not really... we would play ourselves... except say how would you deal with things if you woke up one morning and you really could phase through walls?
[18:32] <Mike> Does the phrase "Go haywire" mean anything to you?
[18:32] <Dawn> hmmm..
[18:33] <Volt`> There may be some subconcious residue, or maybe even in some cases, a development of MPD, I'm guessing..? ::Looks towards Alita::
[18:33] <Alita> depending on how you think you would handle the situation
[18:33] <Celestia> maybe an example would help heh
[18:33] <Mike> Who has multiple personality disorder?
[18:33] <Mike> <Phase> :::Hits Mike::: Shut up!  They're not supposed to know that!
[18:33] <Dawn> so, if i played a kender, i'd wake up short?
[18:33] <Mako[ff8]> for example... I wake up, and discover a talking cat trying to tell me to yell some idiotic phrase and point a stick at a monster... would I make the connection "what the hell is Sailormoon doing in the real world" or what?
[18:33] <Mike> <CdrSmith> Would you two simpletons shut up?!
[18:34] <Alita> yes you would Zoi... all of your irl memories and all will be intact
[18:34] <Mako[ff8]> ::nods:: Ok
[18:34] <Volt`> Hmm. And yeah, you might wake up short.
[18:34] <Mike> Dude, me like.  But, I'd prefer to a Starfleet officer.
[18:34] <Dawn> cool ^_^
[18:34] <Celestia> you could wake up and not even know anything happened tho, I mean how would you know you now have other abilities
[18:34] *** Kinetia|WebRPG has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
[18:34] <Volt`> *Nods at Mike*
[18:35] <Alita> or in the case of the character I may use... wake up hung over from a rave with a beserker body
[18:35] *** Dawn is now known as Kinetia|WebRPG
[18:35] <Mako[ff8]> The sudden urge to yell "Piiink Sparkle Moon Millenium!" when stressed? ;)
[18:35] <Mike> And I'd like to be an Admiral.  And have an entire fleet of my own.
[18:35] <Volt`> In some cases, you may not for a while. Subconsciously, you may access the powers without even realizing it.
[18:35] <Celestia> now I'm majorly confused
[18:35] <Volt`> Mike:That may be stretching it? *Scratches his head*
[18:35] <Kinetia|WebRPG> wouldn't you figure that, 'hey i look like a sailor moon person, so i must be able to do this and this?'
[18:36] <Alita> except having the tools or powers and knowing how to use them are two different things
[18:36] <Mike> Volt: Do we use characters we already have or ones that we create on the fly?
[18:36] <Kinetia|WebRPG> true
[18:36] <Celestia> I guess thats what I'm trying to figure out.. do you actually look like the person, I mean.. you actually turn into them or just, act like them
[18:37] <Alita> at best some characters will only be able to use certain special skills subconciously... and afterwards wonder how they did that
[18:37] <Volt`> Mike:The former would likely fit in more..especially with actual existing characters in things.
[18:37] <Mako[ff8]> Maybe some people could end up looking like their 'compaction partner' and others may just end up acting like them, or even having an MPDish thing where one personality takes over at a time?
[18:37] <Alita> all of those are possibilities
[18:37] <Mako[ff8]> if it were a really chaotic effect, as opposed to something that affected everyone the same way?
[18:37] <Kinetia|WebRPG> okay, i get it now ^_^
[18:38] <Volt`> *Nods*
[18:38] <Mike> So, basically, we're stretching the laws of reality, temporal, and multispactial physics?
[18:38] <Celestia> I'm still confused
[18:38] <Kinetia|WebRPG> ..of course! ^_^
[18:38] <Mike> Hell, I'm game.
[18:38] <Mike> <Phase> Me too.
[18:39] <Mike> <CdrSmith> Me three.
[18:39] <Kinetia|WebRPG> so, when'll this run? or is it a funsim thing?
[18:39] <Alita> it's a story to be written actually
[18:39] <Mako[ff8]> A fic, I thought
[18:39] <Mike> <Phase> How, exactly?
[18:39] <Volt`> A Round Robin.
[18:39] <Alita> as a sim this would be an insane mess from hell
[18:39] <Celestia> confused
[18:39] <Volt`> Much like an E-Mail sim.
[18:40] <Kinetia|WebRPG> i'm confused again..
[18:40] <Mike> <CdrSmith> I see.  So, when is this going to start and who'll start it?
[18:40] <Celestia> now I'm doubly confused
[18:40] <Kinetia|WebRPG> oooh
[18:41] <Volt`> One person would write one part of the story..then another person would write the next, and so on.
[18:41] <Alita> each person would write the parts of the story focusing on their character
[18:41] <Mako[ff8]> So would each person write a chapter before sending it on to the next, or would it be limited to paragraphs?
[18:41] <Mike> <Phase> I..I mean We, have been part of an email sim before.
[18:41] <Kinetia|WebRPG> we come up with the trouble our chars get in?
[18:41] <Volt`> Well..there's not gonna be any set limit or turns for people to write.
[18:42] <Volt`> Yeah. There will be guidelines for the characters and such, I might add.
[18:42] <Kinetia|WebRPG> k..
[18:42] <Alita> yes... anti "Marty Sam" guidelines will be in place
[18:42] <Mike> <CdrSmith> So, as we asked, when'll this start and who'll start it?
[18:42] *** Celestia is now known as Cele[Away]
[18:43] <Alita> we should have the initial introduction done this weekend... gods willing
[18:43] <Mako[ff8]> Cooool
[18:44] <Volt`> And Mary Sue..heh. And..Alita's already been working on the first post of Maybe this weekend..heh input won't be as much as I'd hope, until around Wednesday.
[18:44] *** Cele[Away] is now known as Celestia
[18:44] <Mike> And we each just jump in at the appropriate times?
[18:45] <Volt`> *Nods* Yep.
[18:45] <Kinetia|WebRPG> okay. and this will be using e-mail, or on a bulletin board?
[18:46] <Volt`> Well, we'd been talking about using a Mailing List, but I suppose a Bulletin Board is also a possibility..?
[18:46] <Mike> You could use Egroups.
[18:46] <Celestia> I might be able to use the old asg logboard
[18:46] <Celestia> egroups is now yahoo
[18:46] <Volt`> *Nods* Egroups is rather useful.
[18:46] <Celestia> you must have a yahoo address to run a list now
[18:46] <Volt`> I do.
[18:46] <Kinetia|WebRPG> 's no biggie, i'll have to make up a new e-mail address if we do use e-mail tho
[18:46] <Mako[ff8]> ::doesn't like mailing lists much..::  With a bulletinboard/messageboard you can see the previous posts all together..
[18:47] <C[ff8]> egroups sticks pics in the emails
[18:47] <Volt`> With Egroups you can do both, I think.
[18:47] <Celestia> yeah its all ads now
[18:47] <Mako[ff8]> ezboard is good... aside from the annoying popups
[18:47] <C[ff8]> ezboard's a good bulletin board place... but there're some popups
[18:47] <Celestia> seth could make a mailing list for us
[18:47] <Volt`> Wait a sec..
[18:47] <C[ff8]> goomph :P
[18:47] <Alita> we could use a mailing list until Nak gets the logboard setup for it
[18:47] <Mike> I'm used to Egroups, but I'll use whatever's created.
[18:47] * Volt` may know of a good Bulletin Board place, if we go that route..
[18:47] <Mako[ff8]> Dragon> {{Where else would I be? :P}}
[18:48] <Celestia>
[18:48] <C[ff8]> ...can't answer that in public
[18:48] <Volt`> *Glances up* Nevermind. They already said EZBoard..heh heh.
[18:48] <Mako[ff8]> -_-;
[18:48] <Kinetia|WebRPG> lol
[18:49] <C[ff8]> ::on a DCUA board on EZBoard:: they have CSC though so no popups
[18:49] <Mike> So, who governs which character we end up with?
[18:50] <Volt`> get to make a choice, within reason..and submit it for approval, I believe..? ::Glances at Alita::
[18:51] <Alita> that would work
[18:52] <Mike> Guess I should ask this.  What's everyone's initial idea for their character?
[18:52] <Kinetia|WebRPG> i'm going to use Kinetia.. if it's approved ^_^
[18:53] <Celestia> ::gets an idea::
[18:53] <C[ff8]> I think I'll just watch
[18:53] <Mako[ff8]> Sailormoon ^^ most likely Usagi... but maaaybe one of the other senshi if nothing comes to mind for Usa
[18:53] <Celestia> heh heh
[18:53] <Volt`> I was gonna likely merge with Goku..but without the insane level of power..heh heh. I'd be down somewhere rather low, at first..and much like a lot of the other characters, I'd grow, as I learned how to use my abilities.
[18:53] <Celestia> I could have fun with this
[18:54] <Mike> Voyager's EMH or my own ST character from the AOL branch.
[18:54] <Alita> I was going to "merge" with Gally/Alita
[18:55] <Mike> Oh, perfect.  A friggin' death machine in the real world.  This should be fun to watch.
[18:55] <Celestia> talk about road rage... "hey, you cut me off" *BOOM*
[18:56] <Kinetia|WebRPG> lol
[18:56] <Alita> actually... the first line I was going to have my character say in the part I'll be writing is pretty funny
[18:56] <Mike> What's that?
[18:57] <Alita> "Damnit! There goes my sex life."
[18:57] <Mike> LOL
[18:57] <Volt`> *Snickers*
[19:00] <Mike> "I'm in a godawful outfit, I'm made of photons and forcefields, and I'm bald.  Talk about your bad days." <---Considered first line
[19:00] <Volt`> For some reason, that amuses the hell out of me.
[19:01] <Mike> BRB
[19:01] <Volt`> I imagine your character will be envious of my long, spiky hair, if we meet up, anytime..heh heh.
[19:01] <Volt`> "Yeah,'s not as great as it you have any idea how much of a pain it is to comb this, in the morning?"
[19:01] <Alita> unfortunantly... don't expect to have much time to sit and figure out your new abilities... things get to the point of running for our lives pretty quick
[19:04] <Mike> Or, I could always use Phase as the character.  "Dude, I can walk through walls and stay invisible...Hello, ladies locker room!!"
[19:04] <Celestia> "wake up, sleepy head!  I already sent the card, you have a mission!" "*blink* um... it's 2am in the morning.. *flips on flashlight to reveal a small winged creature floating overhead* I seriously need to cut down on the caffeine"
[19:05] <Kinetia|WebRPG> "I always wanted to be taller... and I woke up one morning three feet tall.
[19:05] <Kinetia|WebRPG> "
[19:05] <Alita> ::snickers:: needless to say... the government will not react well to Dr. Nova turning Dubya into flan
[19:05] <Volt`> ...*Would cheer* heh heh.
[19:05] <Kinetia|WebRPG> lol
[19:06] <Celestia> and there was much rejoicing
[19:06] <Mike> :::Deadpan::: Yay.
[19:07] <Mike> You know you've seen too much Monty Python when.....
[19:08] * Mike drops a pin
[19:09] <Celestia> ::slaps Mike with a multimillion dillar lawsuit from Sprint::
[19:09] <Kinetia|WebRPG> lol
[19:09] <Alita> for villains we went with either logical team ups or humorous mergings
[19:09] <Mike> If you say Dr. Tomoe, I'm gonna hurt you.
[19:09] <Alita> such as Quincy "Bill" Gates... CEO of Genom
[19:10] <Kinetia|WebRPG> hmm, will there be any dragons or minotaurs? ^_^
[19:10] <Alita> probably
[19:10] <Celestia> <Fido> arf! arf! *burps fire*
[19:11] <Mike> Romulans or Klingons?
[19:11] <Kinetia|WebRPG> cool ^_^ ::has a good trick to play on a minotaur in an upstairs building::
[19:11] <Alita> might have ST aliens show up in a space related plot
[19:11] <Mike> I'm surprised you didn't decide to use Priss.
[19:11] <Mako[ff8]> the borg/phalanx heh
[19:12] <Alita> though our initial problem will be Genom's Boomer-Sentinel hybrids
[19:12] <Mike> Oh, that should be interesting.
[19:12] <Volt`> Yeah..the Borg/Phalanx would likely be a realistic merging.
[19:12] <Mike> And let me guess, if we did use a starship, it would be a mix of different universes?
[19:13] <Mako[ff8]> shi'ar/vulcans.... ::thinks:: Klingon/skrulls... i dunno, heh
[19:13] <Kinetia|WebRPG> ..are there going to be any cabbit ships? ^_^
[19:13] <Celestia> shiar/vulcans/minbari?
[19:13] <Alita> depends... some ships won't be merged with anything else at all... but others would be
[19:13] <Mike> Possibly a Galaxy class/Yagami class/Whitestar class combo.
[19:13] <C[ff8]> Klingons/Kree?
[19:14] <Celestia> cree jaffa!
[19:14] <Kinetia|WebRPG> jedi/samurai ^_^
[19:14] <Celestia> so the whole world has changed to, we could go into work and its totally different?
[19:15] <Alita> everything either merged or appeared out of nowhere
[19:15] <Volt`> Jedi and Samurai..? Nope.
[19:15] <Kinetia|WebRPG> so, there might be new continents and such? and even new planets?
[19:16] <Mike> Jurai?
[19:16] <Kinetia|WebRPG> aww, but they kinda sound the same, heh
[19:16] <Alita> if you worked in a DMV office you would see a long line of people requesting licenses and registration for everything from hoverbikes to valyries
[19:16] <Volt`> They're completely different.
[19:16] <Mike> How about a '67 Shelby Cobra GT500?
[19:16] <Celestia> dmv is one floor up
[19:16] <Celestia> heh
[19:17] <Alita> valkyries even
[19:17] <C[ff8]> heh heh... Gargants instead of subways
[19:18] <Mike> Will you have a list of universes that have converged?
[19:19] <Celestia> "what happened to your hair?" "huh? *looks in mirror* ahh!"
[19:19] *** Kinetia|WebRPG has quit IRC (Dead socket)
[19:19] <Alita> ::blinks:: I'll have a rough list after the start of the story is fully written
[19:19] *** Celestia is now known as Maron
[19:19] <Mike> "*Looks in a mirror* Dude, I need to shave.  And who does this guy's hair?"
[19:21] *** Kinetia|WebRPG ( has joined #NewKansas
[19:21] <Maron> wouldn't your emitter run out of power after a while? heh heh
[19:22] <Mike> So Alita, what's your character's first reaction to her new situation, besides having lost a sex life?
[19:22] <Alita> right now it looks to be Marvel, Gunnm, BGC, Macross, ST, B5, SM, NGE, DBZ, DC, William Gibson's Sprawl trilogy, SW, Transformers, and Gundam
[19:22] <Maron> KKJ ^^
[19:23] <Alita> and KKJ
[19:23] <Kinetia|WebRPG> and fantasy worlds?
[19:23] <Mike> And a partridge in a pear tree.
[19:23] <Alita> pretty much Mike
[19:24] <Mike> Are we doing the MPD thing and having more than one person to each character?
[19:24] <Maron> I'm not saying that
[19:24] <Maron> no
[19:24] <Maron> stop it!
[19:24] <Maron> :;growls::
[19:24] <Volt`> Well..if you're gonna merge..only merge with one character..
[19:24] <Mike> Damn.  Now I'm stuck with a dillema.
[19:24] <Mike> Dilemma*
[19:25] <Maron> unless your character happens to have a small sidekick that only you can see and hear ::glances up at nothing:: yes, you!
[19:25] <C[ff8]> ...::should be a PenPen merge::
[19:25] <Kinetia|WebRPG> lol
[19:25] <Mike> Maron: Are you talking to Al?
[19:25] <Maron> no
[19:25] <Maron> talking to Fin... well its your name!   fine...
[19:26] <Maron> she says "hi"
[19:26] <Alita> mixed up stories like this have been done before... anyone a bit fuzzy on something this insane should probably read at least the first story of Undocumented Features
[19:26] <Mike> I do NOT have MPD.
[19:26] * Maron < fin.wav >
[19:26] <Mike> <2> I told you not to say anything!  They'll find us out!
[19:26] <Mike> Oh, shut up, you pinhead.  Like they'd notice anything different.
[19:26] <Volt`> C:So you'd be a Penguin who drinks heavily and can talk? heh.
[19:27] <Kinetia|WebRPG> lol
[19:27] <Alita>
[19:27] <C[ff8]> PenPen talks? o.O
[19:27] <Maron> he drinks lemonade
[19:27] <Mike> At least it's better than Misato Katsuragi.  Then it'd be drinks heavily, can't cook, and talks.
[19:27] <Volt`> C:No..but you do. heh
[19:28] <Maron> ::is suddenly reminded of that duck that says "aflack!"::
[19:30] <Mike> So, what if the original personality of this merger decides to make itself known?
[19:30] <Maron> that seems like it's be more prevelant in characters that have to henshin into something else
[19:31] <Volt`> Henshin?
[19:31] <Maron> transform
[19:31] <Mike> :::Slaps head::: Lord, I'm more perverted than I thought
[19:32] <Mako[ff8]> o_o
[19:32] <Alita> characters like most magical girl types Mike
[19:32] <Maron> perhaps a demonstration
[19:32] * Maron < jeanne.wav >
[19:32] * Maron holds her rosary tightly and closes her eyes, "Jeanne d'Arc, lend me your powers..."
[19:32] * Maron is momentarily enveloped by an angelic pink shape, "tsuyoki ni honki, muteki ni suteki, genki ni yuuki!"
[19:32] *** Maron is now known as Kaitou-Jeanne
[19:32] <Mike> No no, it's not that.  My mind started trying to figure out the immortal question "Where do the scouts keep their henshin sticks?"
[19:33] <Kinetia|WebRPG> o.o
[19:33] <Kaitou-Jeanne> *FWAP*
[19:33] <Mike> :::Waits for the beating from either Zoi or Alita:::
[19:33] <Kaitou-Jeanne> and unlike sailor moon, Maron and Jeanne look nothing alike, hehe
[19:33] <Mako[ff8]> -_-;  ::decks Mike::
[19:34] <Kaitou-Jeanne> Maron has auburn brown hair and brown eyes, jeanne has violet eyes and long blonde hair, and is a little taller
[19:34] <Mike> :::Sits up, spits out two teeth::: Well, that wasn't so bad.
[19:34] <Alita> ::kicks Mike 90 yards through a conveniently placed goal post::
[19:34] <Kaitou-Jeanne> yes, you're right Fin
[19:34] <C[ff8]> it's good!
[19:34] <Kaitou-Jeanne> no I don't think he does
[19:34] <Kaitou-Jeanne> yeah it will probably
[19:35] <Kaitou-Jeanne> I do not!
[19:35] <Mike> <Phase> :::Shaking his head::: It was off a little.  Wind must have got it.
[19:37] *** Alita sets mode: +o Kinetia|WebRPG
[19:37] <Kaitou-Jeanne> ::holds up the rosary and grabs a pin as it appears over it:: checkmate! ::flings the pin at a painting in the far wall::
[19:37] <Mike> :::Limps back, on crutches::: I swear, in the name of the Prophets, I will have my revenge!
[19:38] * Volt` watches a random Piano fall on Mike
[19:38] <Alita> but this all is the basic idea for this bit of managed insanity
[19:38] <Kaitou-Jeanne> <Fin> ::flies over and collects the chess piece as it the demon is sealed inside::
[19:38] <Volt`> Oh my God, you killed Kenny!|
[19:38] <Mike> <Phase> You bas***d!!
[19:39] <Kinetia|WebRPG> ^_^
[19:39] <Kinetia|WebRPG> so, who do we e-mail the bios to?
[19:39] <Kaitou-Jeanne> bios?
[19:39] *** Kaitou-Jeanne is now known as Celestia
[19:40] <Kinetia|WebRPG> ...i'm assuming we're going to have to write up something including past/powers/looks, right?
[19:40] <Alita> and there will be an archive page of completed stories, bios, and setting info on the page as it's made up to hopefully get the confusion level down
[19:41] <Mike> I'm working on my list of people, cutting it down to size.
[19:41] <Kinetia|WebRPG> okay.. i'll make up a new e-mail address for this and e-mail my bio to you with it
[19:42] <Alita> ok... send them either to Zack or myself...
[19:42] <Kinetia|WebRPG> k
[19:42] <Volt`> *Nods*
[19:45] <Celestia> send what exactly
[19:46] <Kinetia|WebRPG> ..the bio
[19:46] <C[ff8]> so... when will the EZBoard be up? heh heh
[19:46] <Celestia> but what needs to be in the bio
[19:47] <Kinetia|WebRPG> ::shrugs:: the usual for x-world, i'm guessing?
[19:47] <Alita> the bios would probably work well being split into two parts... who you are... and a mini bio of who you merge with
[19:47] <Kinetia|WebRPG> k
[19:48] <Mike> Do we use our RL persons or ones we create?
[19:48] <Celestia> still not clear what needs to be in the bio
[19:48] <Alita> rl personas
[19:49] <Mike> Lovely, simply lovely.
[19:49] <Alita> usual stuff... appearance, personality, any RL skills and abilities, a general history
[19:49] *** Kinetia|WebRPG is now known as Kinetia
[19:50] <Celestia> don't have to use a real name do we?
[19:50] <Kinetia> great.. i'll look like a kender w/ zits..
[19:50] <Alita> you can use a pseudonym if you wish
[19:50] <Mike> You really want a hologram that's got a sarcastic attitude and a wimp?
[19:51] <Celestia> my bio'll be real boring heh
[19:51] <Alita> most of our's will Nak
[19:54] <Mike> Hmm....any limits to our character's abilities?
[19:56] <Alita> no planet crushing... galaxy anihilating... and no killing other people's characters without their permission
[19:57] <Mike> Hmm...what about holographic characters?
[19:57] <Celestia> <Lina> ::looks up at the sign:: Time.. Warner... Cable.... this must be the place... Dragon Slave!!!!
[19:58] <Alita> ST or Marvel holos? or even Red Dwarf holos for that matter?
[19:58] <Mike> What, are you planning to bring Rimmer into this?
[19:59] <Celestia> smeging great, there goes the neighborhood
[19:59] <Kinetia> heh
[19:59] <Alita> no plans for that... yet
[19:59] <Mike> <Rimmer> Holly!  What the smeg happened this time?!
[20:00] <Alita> but there are different rules regarding hologram life forms in ST, marvel, and other stuff
[20:02] <Mike> Alright, an ST hologram.
[20:02] <Kinetia> will you have to approve the whole bio, or just what the person gains after the merger?
[20:04] <Alita> just what the person gains from the merge... the other part of your bio is... well... you
[20:04] <Kinetia> k
[20:05] <Kinetia> which one of you will be doing the approvals?
[20:06] <Alita> anything in a bio that sounds odd or ecessive to one of us we will run by the other before making a decision on... otherwise either Zack or myself
[20:06] <Kinetia> k
[20:07] <Alita> keeps the workload lower on both of us
[20:09] <C[ff8]> o.O;; a... Warlock Borg... that'd be scary
[20:09] <Kinetia> ::..imagines a borg wearing spellcaster's robes and a pointy hat::
[20:10] <Mike> :::Tries to imagine Priss in a Starfleet uniform, fails horribly:::
[20:10] <Celestia> ::tries to imagine Priss in a... wait nm::
[20:10] <Kinetia> lol
[20:11] <Alita> read a really stupid fic called Bubblegum Trek sometime
[20:11] <Mike> Where would I find it?
[20:11] <C[ff8]> Commander Tuxedo Kamen, heh heh
[20:12] <Mike> LtC Mihoshi.  "What's this button do?"  "No, that'll start a..." "*Computer* Warning, warp core breach in 1 minute."
[20:12] <Celestia> due to a transporter accident, he's now Commander Moonlight Knight
[20:13] <C[ff8]> that could explain Seiya...
[20:14] <Celestia> There was a slight problem with the transporters, Sir.. ::blinks:: Ma'am...
[20:14] <Kinetia> lol
[20:14] <Mike> LOL
[20:14] <Mike> You know, if I think about it, Kiyone would fit in perfectly with Starfleet.
[20:16] <Mike> Cpt Tsukino....nah, I can't imagine Usagi ever making it even out of the Academy.
[20:16] <Celestia> Captain Mizuno
[20:16] <Celestia> well that's already been done I have LtMizuno, LtKino and LtHino
[20:16] <Mike> Now I CAN imagine Ami as a Captain.  But, more than likely, it'd either be a medical or science ship.
[20:17] <C[ff8]> ...oooh... wonder if anybody'd get merged with Dark Lady ^^
[20:17] <Kinetia> volt, alita, what's your e-mail addresses?
[20:17] <Mako[ff8]> *fwap*
[20:17] <Volt`>
[20:17] <Celestia> I'd say "ooo.. wonder if anybody'd get merged with Maron-chan" but, um, that would be me, hehe
[20:17] <Kinetia> ::...wonders who gets merged w/ howard the duck::
[20:18] <Mako[ff8]> a very unfortunate soul
[20:18] <Kinetia> lol
[20:18] <Mike> I know who to get merged with.  It just hit me, like a bolt of lightening.
[20:18] <Celestia> ::wonders who gets merged with Eelai::
[20:18] <C[ff8]> Waspinator?
[20:19] <C[ff8]> heh heh... Mike... bzz bzz... terrorize! bzz bzz
[20:19] <Mike> :::Shakes head::: Tenchi Masaki.
[20:19] <Kinetia> lol
[20:19] <Alita>
[20:19] <Mike> :::Pulls out Tenchiken, ignites the blade::: Now who wants to mess with me?
[20:20] <Kinetia> k, thanx
[20:22] <Mike> Or, maybe Kagato...or is that a POSSIBLE enemy?
[20:23] <Alita> might be a bad idea to merge with a set bad guy... could cause way too many problems
[20:24] <Mike> Dr. Clay?
[20:25] <Mike> Wait, what am I saying?  He's a complete and utter moron.
[20:25] <Alita> so with all of this... any more questions?
[20:26] <Kinetia> hmmm..... i can't think of any at the moment
[20:26] <Celestia> I'd look silly in Maron's school uniform
[20:27] <Kinetia> ooh, wait, will equipment like backpacks or pouches have to be approved?
[20:27] <Mike> My friends are gonna freak when I suddenly pull out a sword that'll cut through anything.
[20:29] <Alita> basic equipment like backpacks, gloves, packs of cigarettes do not need approval... a hardsuit, starship, or Valkyrie on the other hand would
[20:29] <Kinetia> okay
[20:29] <Mike> <Phase> Someone say cigarettes?  :::Lights the one poking from the corner of his mouth, takes a long puff:::
[20:30] <Celestia> or my rosary and ball on a rope thing that I forget the exact name of?
[20:30] <Alita> that would be part of the merging so they would not need approval
[20:31] <Alita> if the merged part is approved, you have it
[20:31] <Mike> I've got three characters in mind.  Lord, this is gonna be a hard decision.
[20:31] <Kinetia> ...ooh, i didn't think equipment like that would come w/ it
[20:31] <Alita> things will fall into place
[20:32] <Celestia> I'd assume if it was approved it would work since she gets that thing after she transforms
[20:33] <Alita> once the introduction is up the first thing will be for each of you to write a chapter starting with waking up into a really altered world, and with the events outlined in your chapters to all cover a period of one week
[20:34] <Mike> Hmm...I wonder what it would be like to find my regular school suddenly replaced with a Starfleet Academy building?
[20:37] <Mike> So, how will we receive this first chapter?
[20:37] <Celestia> do you live in san francisco?
[20:37] <Alita> well Mike... now's your chance to explore that possibility... ne?
[20:38] <Mike> I live in Virginia Beach, VA.  Hmm, any series you know that have something happening in Virginia?
[20:39] <C[ff8]> heh... think that's bad, I live in MN, nothing happens in MN
[20:39] <Kinetia> everyone going to somehow meet up w/ each other, or will we all be solo for a while?
[20:39] <Volt`> *Glances back in* heh. I live in California..With my luck, my home'd fall into the ocean..
[20:40] *** M ( has joined #newkansas
[20:40] <Mike> Welcome.
[20:40] <M> Thank you
[20:41] <Mike> Guess the chances of anything major happening in neck of the woods is slim to none.
[20:41] <M> So it wourl appear
[20:41] <Kinetia> hmm... would attributed gained due to merging w/ a certain race be considered powers?
[20:41] <Kinetia> d=s
[20:42] <Alita> yes they would
[20:42] <Kinetia> k
[20:42] <Mike>, if I were merged with G'kar from B5, I'd suddenly look like a reptile?
[20:43] <Alita> yup
[20:43] <Volt`> Yep
[20:43] <Celestia> but not necessarily right?  I mean, we won't for sure look like the character we merge with will we?
[20:44] <Volt`> Not everyone will.
[20:44] <Celestia> good cause I think people would notice heh
[20:44] <Volt`> I'm planning on keeping my appearance pretty much the same..heh.
[20:44] <Celestia> tho I did plan a few minor outward appearance changes
[20:44] <Mike> Think I'll use Tenchi Masaki.  I'll look normal, but have some.."interesting" differences.
[20:44] <Alita> in the case of my character they would... an entirely cybernetic body from the neck down is a little obvious... ne?
[20:45] <Volt`> Mike:Which one?
[20:45] <Kinetia> and my char's shortened height, changed eye color, hair length, and pointed ears are going to be obvious, heh..
[20:45] <Mike> One from the OAV universe.  :::Smiles::: Can you say "Wings of the Lighthawk"?
[20:46] <Celestia> I was thinking my hair would change color a bit and get a little curly on the ends, heh, and I might get a little taller
[20:46] <Volt`> Mike:Just remember..most of us aren't really gonna be all that powerful, to begin with.
[20:47] <Mike> Well, his personality fits mine, anyway.  I'm normally shy around women and not really a fighter.
[20:47] <Celestia> <Narrator> What Mike doesn't know is that his Physics teacher Professor Selwa has secretly merged with Washu
[20:47] <Mike> Sorry, got Biology this year.
[20:47] <Kinetia> heh
[20:47] <Celestia> reality changed
[20:47] <Celestia> heh
[20:47] <Mike> Oh perfect, I can just see Ms. Highsmith suddenly acting like Washu.
[20:48] <Volt`> Trying to constantly get "Samples" from you? -_-
[20:48] <Mike> Hmm, think it's time I took up running distances.
[20:49] <Kinetia> lol
[20:49] <Mike> So, our natural enviroments will basically be shaped around the universe of the character we merge with?
[20:51] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Sat May 19 20:51:09 2001

Session Start: Sat May 19 20:53:19 2001
[20:53] *** Now talking in #NewKansas
[20:53] *** Topic is 'Welcome to the planning stage of managed insanity'
[20:53] *** Set by Alita on Sat May 19 18:38:44
[20:53] <Alita> some mergings would be dependant on area... people in Kansas City would suddenly notice alot of junk laying around and Zalem floating overhead... people in tokyo would notice the sudden appearance of Genom Tower... etc
[20:53] *** Alita sets mode: +o Volt
[20:53] <Kinetia> k
[20:54] <Mike> Alita:  Do we have to worry about creatures flocking to Tokyo Tower?
[20:54] <Alita> yup
[20:55] <C[ff8]> and Tokyo'd be visited by a lot of girls running around in fukus
[20:55] <Celestia> I would notice my office actually has security guards, the AC works, the elevators work, and people are actualy working
[20:55] <Mike> Oh, this is gonna wreak havoc on Starfleet Tokyo R&D complex.
[20:55] <Volt> Wish I lived in NYC..heh
[20:56] <Mako[ff8]> California ain't so bad... better than Milton-Freewater, Oregon... aka Suburb of Nowhere
[20:56] <Alita> and that your job has been replaced by a boomer ::smirk::
[20:57] <Kinetia> where i live might suddenly become part of mexico, heh..
[20:57] <Celestia> hey my job's been replaced by an automated robot so all I have to do is play George Jetson and press the button
[20:57] <Volt> I know..I'm just saying..NYC would be cool..would be able to see Spidey swinging by or something..;)
[20:57] <Mako[ff8]> ::might have to say her fic-self is living in Tokyo at the time or something::
[20:57] *** Volt` has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
[20:57] <Celestia> we can rewrite ourselves?
[20:57] <Alita> maybe in tokyo for school or vacation
[20:58] <Mako[ff8]> study abroad, lol
[20:58] <M> :: looks confused as hell :: Someone care to fill me your all going on about?
[20:58] <Mike> Hmm, I think I've got it.  My Biology teacher is suddenly Washu, everyone in school is dressed in uniforms, and my Phys. Ed. teacher is Ryoko.
[20:58] <Alita> not totally... you can tweak things to make somethings you want to put in your origin story work better
[20:58] <Celestia> my supervisor is Eelai? ^^
[20:59] <Mako[ff8]> gotta reboot, compy's being a flake
[20:59] <Volt> Mike:heh..And they're all chasing after you?
[20:59] *** Mako[ff8] has quit IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[20:59] <Alita> ::snickers:: and the three other mechanics at work are the Zentradi spy guys from Macross
[21:00] <Celestia> "I need to see you in my office" "woohoo!"
[21:00] <Kinetia> lol
[21:00] <Mike> Heh, I'll have a replicator in my house and a hovercar.
[21:01] <Celestia> ::whistles and looks around::
[21:02] <Mike> "*Walks into his kitchen, yawning, stops when he notices the replicator* Okay, is this some kind of joke?  Where's the hidden camera?"
[21:02] <Kinetia> heh
[21:02] <C[ff8]> ..nothing ever happens in MN : /
[21:03] <Volt> You have a cool Governor and the Twins are winning...heh.
[21:03] <Kinetia> nothing would happen in my town, either
[21:03] <Celestia> twins get new mascots, elf and zwolf
[21:04] <Mike> I might have to make a trip.
[21:04] *** M has quit IRC
[21:04] <Celestia> ::blinks at M's msg:: well.. fine, be that way
[21:04] *** Zoisite ( has joined #NewKansas
[21:04] <Volt> ?
[21:05] <Volt> WB
[21:05] <C[ff8]> "::yawns and turns on the tv while changing:: '...and don't forget kids, Spider-Man, Thor, Wasp, Titan and Hawkeye will be at the Mall of America signing autographs!' ...::blinks and looks at the tv, watching a picture of real life Avengers come up, jaw drops::"
[21:05] *** Volt sets mode: +o Zoisite
[21:05] <Volt> Spidey and Titan..prob'ly not..heh heh. Thor, Wasp and Hawkeye, mebbe..heh heh.
[21:06] <Kinetia> ^_^
[21:06] <Mike> "*Turns on TV* You want to explore the stars?  See new worlds?  Meet new life?  Then join Starfleet today.  Don't wait, go to your nearest recruiting center today. *Turns off his TV* Okay, methinks something is up."
[21:07] <Celestia> "::walks into the office:: uh.. so hi, Ms Eelai.. you, um, wanted to see me? heh"
[21:07] <Volt> Hmm. *Ponders how to manage his* Lesse..well..Shoot..the person I'm merging with his married, with a kid..heh..*Scratches his head*
[21:08] <Mike> "*Running down the hallway, trying to keep distance between himself and the women behind him* Nobody...*huffs*...said anything....*puffs*...about this to me."
[21:08] <Alita> make life easy for yourself Zack... let's say the wife and kid didn't show up
[21:08] <Volt> Yeah..heh heh. Planning on it. Still leaves me with figuring out exactly the extent of my life's changes..
[21:09] <C[ff8]> you could be Trunks merge, heh
[21:10] <Zoisite> ::polishes off yummy cheese and pickle sandwich on sourdough english muffin:: ^^
[21:10] <Volt> No..that would imply having some kind of genetic relation to Vegeta..-_-
[21:10] <Celestia> something wrong with Vegeta?
[21:11] <Volt> Well..From the Android Saga on..he's not nearly as bad..but he's still got a lot of blood on his hands..
[21:11] <Celestia> well.. so does Xenabut everyone likes her heh heh
[21:11] <Volt> And he's still a bastard..heh
[21:13] <Kinetia> ::has fun starting to write up a bio::
[21:13] <Kinetia> 'night everyone
[21:14] <Volt> Night
[21:14] <Mike> Later, Kine.
[21:14] *** Zoisite is now known as Mako[ff8]
[21:14] *** Kinetia has quit IRC ("Wow! What a dish! If she's an evil mutant, I want an application blank!" -Angel about Scarlet Witch, X-Men #4)
[21:14] <Volt> Nak:What is it Matt said, anyways?
[21:15] <Celestia> he's just in a bad mood
[21:15] <Celestia> and was feeling left out
[21:15] <Celestia> probably best to leave it at that
[21:16] <Volt> Ah. *Scratches his head* Well..not to sound rude, but..since I'm wondering why he just showed up in here, anyways..I know I didn't invite him..and I know Megan didn' who did?
[21:17] <Celestia> I did
[21:17] <Celestia> he asked why everyone was so quiet, I told him
[21:18] <Volt> Okay then.
[21:18] <Celestia> is this a problem?
[21:19] <Alita> I was not thinking of not including him actually... I just didn't want to have to repeat everything I said here just for his benefit
[21:19] <Mike> :::Puts hand to his head::: AHHH!!! Brain freeze!
[21:19] <C[ff8]> ::opens Mike's mouth and pops in a firebug then closes it, plugging his nose so he has to swallow::
[21:19] <Celestia> I left him a nice mesage on icq that he was out of line and I did not appreciate it
[21:20] <Volt> I was just wondering, since I glanced in and he was in here, saying nothing for a while. It kind of gave me the impression he just..showed up.
[21:20] <Mike> :::Eyes go bloodshot::: AHHH!!!!
[21:20] <Alita> if he is too impatient to wait for me to send him a log of all of this, that is his own issue... am I correct?
[21:20] <Volt> Yeah
[21:20] <Celestia> hai
[21:23] [Celestia:#NewKansas VIDEO] jeanne.avi < jeanne.avi >
[21:24] <Celestia> brb
[21:24] *** Celestia is now known as Cel[busy]
[21:24] <Volt> ..I misread that for a sec..heh. Thought it said Cell, instead of Cel..heh
[21:24] *** Mako[ff8] has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 600 seconds)
[21:25] <Mike> I gotta bug.  Later ya'll.
[21:25] *** Mike has quit IRC (Leaving)
[21:29] *** Cel[busy] is now known as Cell
[21:29] <Cell> oh so you want to play then hmm?
[21:29] *** Cell is now known as Celestia
[21:30] <Volt> -_-
[21:30] *** Celestia ( has left #NewKansas
[21:31] <Alita> ok... ::bangs the gavel:: *bang* *bang* *bang* meeting adjourned
[21:34] <Volt> ...Can I bang the gavel, next time? heh heh.
[21:34] <Alita> yup
[21:34] <Volt> Cooool.
[21:34] <Alita> ::hands Zack the gavel::
[21:39] *** C[ff8] ( has left #NewKansas
[21:40] <Alita> ok... I'll be in here tomorrow as well to answer people's question so we don't flood #Alliance with this stuff tomorrow
[21:40] <Volt> *Holds the gavel and nods*
[21:42] *** Zoisite ( has joined #NewKansas
[21:42] *** Zoisite ( has left #NewKansas
[21:42] *** Alita ( has left #NewKansas
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