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Sotaril Eltaron


Race: High-Elf Class: Fighter, Ranger
Exp: 8, 000 Level: Fighter (2), Ranger (2)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Deity: None
Height: 5'3" Weight: 120 lb.
Hair: Black Eye: Green
Age:  125 Complexion: Pale
Ability Score Combat Statistics
Str 14 (+2) Hit Points 35 Fort Save +2
Dex 18 (+4) BAB   Ref Save +4
Con 12 (+1) Armor Class   Will Save +2
Int 14 (+2) AC Flatfooted   Initiative  
Wis 14 (+2) AC vs. Touch   Move Rate 30'
Cha 8 (-1)     Size Medium-size

- Weapons -

Name Total AB Damage Critical Range Weight Size Type
Strike, unarmed         0 lb. Medium  
Rapier +1         3 lb. Medium  
Longbow, Mighty Composite +2         3 lb. Medium  

- Armor -

Name Armor Bonus Type Check Penalty Max Dex Bonus Spell Failure Weight
Studded leather armor +1   Light   +5 15% 20 lb.
Shield, small wooden (masterwork)         5% 5 lb

- Skills -

Untrained Skill Total Ranks Ability Misc Trained Only Skill Total Ranks Ability Misc
Appraise (Int)         Alchemy (Int)        
Balance (Dex)*         Animal Empathy (Cha)        
Bluff (Cha)         Decipher Script (Int)        
Climb (Str)*         Disable Device (Int)        
Concentration (Con)         Handle Animal (Cha)        
Craft (   ) (Int)         Innuendo (Wis)        
Diplomacy (Cha)         Intuit Direction (Wis)        
Disguise (Cha)         Knowledge (   ) (Int)        
Escape Artist (Dex)*         Knowledge (   ) (Int)        
Forgery (Int)         Knowledge (   ) (Int)        
Gather Information (Cha)         Open Locks (Dex)        
Heal (Wis)         Pick Pocket (Dex)*        
Hide (Dex)*         Profession (   ) (Wis)        
Intimidate (Cha)         Read Lips (Int)        
Jump (Str)*         Scry (Int)        
Listen (Wis)         Spellcraft (Int)        
Move Silently (Dex)*         Tumble (Dex)*        
Perform (Cha)         Use Magic Device (Cha)        
Ride (Dex)                  
Search (Int)                  
Sense Motive (Wis)                  
Spot (Wis)                  
Swim (Str)#                  
Use Rope (Dex)*                  
Wilderness Lore (Wis)                  

* armor check penalty applies     # -1 per 5 lb.

- Carrying Capacity -

Light Load 58 lbs Max Press 175 lbs
Med Load 59-116 lbs Max Lift 350 lbs
Heavy Load 117-175 lbs Max Drag 875 lbs

- Inventory -

Location Item Weight
Person (worn or carried) Explorer's outfit 8 lb
  Studded leather armor +1 20 lb.
  Rapier +1 3 lb.
  Longbow, Mighty Composite +2 2 lb.
  Quiver with 20 Masterwork arrows 3 lb.
  Backpack 2 lb.
Backpack Waterskin 4 lb
  Spyglass 1 lb
  Bedroll 5 lb
  Hooded lantern 2 lb
  Oil (6 pts) 6 lb
  Sack (empty)  
  Blanket, winter 3 lb
  Canvas (4 sq yard) 4 lb
  Flint and steel  
  Case, map or scroll  
  Paper (10 sheets)  
  rations, trail (3) 3 lb
  soap (1 lb) 1 lb
  mirror, small steel  
  pouch, belt 1 lb
pouch, belt candles (2)  
  whetstone 1 lb
  chalk (3 pieces)  
  Tindertwig (10)  
  261 gp, 9 sp, 3 cp  

- Feats -

Weapon Finesse (rapier)
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Far Shot

- Languages -

Common, Elven, Gnome, Draconic

- Class Abilities -

Weapon Proficiency (simple, martial)
Armor Proficiency (all types)
Shield Proficiency
Bonus Feats at Fighter Level 1, 2, 4, 6,etc
Divine spells beginning at 4th level
Track as a bonus feat at 1st level
Favored Hunting Ground: Temperate Forest

- Racial Traits -

+2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution
Immunity to magic sleep, +2 save bonus against Enchantment
Low-light vision
Proficient with either longsword or rapier and all bows
+2 bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks, sixth sense about hidden portals

- History -

The day Sotaril Eltaron was born, his tribe held a small celebration to mark the joyous ocassion. A few hours later, though, the tribe of high-elves broke camp and continued on in the forest, continuing their nomadic ways. Sotaril would spend the first 40 years of his life traveling in such a way, before the group finally settled in a clearing next to a spring in the forest.
Ever paranoid, the tribe had been in search of an area the druids declared safe enough to live in for an entire elven generation. After the War in which the Elves' numbers had been hurt greatly and the aftermath, a group of survivors decided they'd had enough and had left into the forest to isolate themselves from everything, especially the humans which they blamed for events in the War.
Eventually, the survivors had children, and to the next generation they taught their skewed beliefs, further germinating the seed of near anti-humanism planted by the humans coming out of the War better than the Elves. By Sotaril's generation, tales had been woven by the bards of the evils that the humans had wrought upon the Elves after the war. Ironically, most of the tales took place after the founders of the tribe had left, though that was never addressed by the members of the tribe.
Growing up in such an environment, it wasn't much of a surprise when in his adolescence, Sotaril began training to become a warrior to defeat the humans if there was ever a human/elven war. When he began to show promise as an archer, the top in his group actually, those that had been teaching him decided he would be better used for other means and was sent to learn the ways of a Ranger. At first Sotaril, around 80 now, did not see much use in the ways of a Ranger, but as he learned more, he found himself liking the idea of being able to strike unseen at enemies.
He didn't realize it at the time, but one of the things he enjoyed most about being a ranger was being in the forest and away from the others. Sotaril didn't mind being alone at all, quite the opposite in fact. Sotaril would spend days at a time out on his own in the forest without missing the company of the others. Oh sure, there were a few elven women that he had taken a liking to, but most wouldn't have anything to do with him because of how gruff he looked. Years passed and Sotaril found himself leaving the encampment for months on end without problem.
Around when Sotaril turned 118, the elders of the tribe gave him the option to either stay as an archery instructor to others, or to leave into the forest on his own. So after a few goodbyes and gathering his things, he left quickly into the forest, only looking back once. As he moved further and further away from where he'd grown up, he found himself gaining new insight about everything he'd been taught about humans. He discovered that for the most part, a single human wasn't altogether bad. In fact, he had even journeyed with a few and had gotten to know them quite well. Instead, Sotaril found himself changing his philosophy toward humanity as a group. After all, a human could be nice and treat an elf as an equal, but if that same huamn was in a group of other humans, they could suddenly act degrading towards the same elf. Also, to Sotaril it seemed as if humanity thought themselves betters than the elves, simply because they hadn't suffered as great of losses during the War. Depite his changing feelings about humans, though, Sotaril still hated how content they were with keeping the same relationship between man and elfkind.
For the most part, though, Sotaril spent his time as a hunter, guide, and even ocassionally as a bounty hunter if things were slow. Whatever he was doing, though, he enjoyed it. Well, except for the time he was involved in a hunt and stumbled upon some dire slugs, but he only spoke of that when he'd had a few tankards of ale, though. He was at a tavern enjoying a tankard of the town's so-called finest ale when he heard tha King Balthimor Alderaan the III was going to be making an appearance in Galadrimir, a city not too far away. Upon hearing that the human monarch, the one very much in charge of those he'd been taught to hate and still disliked after exposure to them, he left as soon as he regained consciousness and sobriety, the next day, unsure of just what he would do.
- Motivations -
Vengeance, to find out more about the War, to give Elves their rightful glory or to see the Elves strong enough to not have the humans lord over them.