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Based off of the Marvel Multiverse, X-World is a non-profit role playing division of the ASG IRC (Alliance Simulation Group - Internet Relay Chat).

- February News -

Teams Page has been updated to show current status of sims.
Apparently the server information on the 'About' page was also badly
outdated--that has now been corrected.
The 'Save Gage' drive has begun! Contact Dragon if you're
interested in pitching in, or want more information.
The Database (XWCP) is outdated, as you've probably noticed,
and is under heavy construction. Eventually it will be moved to its new
location and updated to include new characters/recent events, but
in order to do this, I need a good deal of help pulling old and new
information together and checking for errors in what's already there.
If you're interested in helping with XWCP construction, let me know.

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